Episode 26

Thanks A Million

The so-called three musketeers Sam, Alex, Pur go to Yogya to attend a seminar.

Episode 25

Practice Makes Perfect

Alex, Sam, and Pur practices jazz chants in Alex's house.

Episode 24

Another Helping Hand

Samudera has to go through a medical check.

Episode 23

A Helping Hand

Sam gets an order of 200 paper puppets for a birthday party.

Episode 22

Teaching English, Why Not?

Pur asks Alex if he is really into an idea of becoming a teacher.

Episode 21

Biker's Republic Cafe

Alex is asking Sam to see the night life in Jakarta with him.

Episode 20

The Three Musketeers

Aunt Monica praises Sam about his craftsmanship.

Episode 19


Gina and her friends practised playing Angklung for the big day at school.

Episode 18

Where's Mom

Samudera offers help on Gina's project.

Episode 17

A Scary Ride

Sam and Alex are involved in an accident.

Episode 16

Don't Worry About Me

Sam forgives Alex for the unintended accident.

Episode 15

Don't Be Such A Coward

The motorcyclist that hit Samudera is someone familiar with him.

Episode 14

A Scavenger Wannabe

Sam is into a thinking that being a scavenger may help him earn money.

Episode 13

I Am A Businessman

Sam starts selling phone credits.

Episode 12

A Business Opportunity

Sam sees a business opportunity.

Episode 11

Money Problem

While his mother needs money, Sam loses his wallet where he puts all the money.

Episode 10

Sam's Family

One day at the gallery, Sam happened to recall his late father.

Episode 9

Good Friends, Good Coffee

Sam drops by a coffee stall to cheer up his day.

Episode 8

An Indian Woman

A customer disappoints of Sam's inability of speaking English and leaves the gallery.

Episode 7

And the War Begins

Sam shows a customer best-quality furniture while Alex did the contrary.

Episode 6

Is There A Ghost?

Sam thinks he sees a ghost.

Episode 5

Scary Gallery

Sam thinks a ghost exists in the gallery.

Episode 4

Surprise, Surprise

Sam was given a present by his cousin.

Episode 3

A Misunderstanding

Sam's inability of speaking English has caused a misunderstanding.

Episode 2

Aunt Monica's Party

Samudra made a mistake in spelling Thursday.

Episode 1

First Day in Jakarta

A young man has just arrived in Jakarta.

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