Adolf Hitler Allegedly Dies in Indonesia

Poch had several defects believed to have resembled those of Adolf Hitler.

Senin, 22 Februari 2010, 17:53 Elin Yunita Kristanti
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VIVAnews - A surprising article has been circulating on several mailing lists and social networking websites.  The article tells about another version of the story involving the death of German dictator, Adolf Hitler. It says that Hitler died in Indonesia.

It all began from an article published in Harian Pikiran Rakyat newspaper in 1983. The writer is Dr Sosrohusodo—a University of Indonesia graduate doctor who was assigned on a boat, which was turned into a hospital called ‘Hope’ in Sumbawa Besar.

Sosro shares his story of meeting an old doctor from Germany named Poch in 1960. Poch was the head of the biggest hospital on the island.

Sosro’s claim later became a polemic. He says the doctor, whom he met and talked to, was Hitler in his old age.

He also points out several defects he noticed on the doctor, which made him believe that the doctor was really Hitler.

According to him, the doctor was not able to walk normally—he always dragged his left feet every time he walked.  His left hand was always shaking and he also had Charlie Chaplin’s vertical mustache and a bald head.

These characteristics are believed to be owned by Hitler during his old age—which was found in some of the Fuhrer’s biographies. When Sosro met him in 1960, the alleged Hitler was 71 years old.

According to Sosro, the German doctor was really mysterious. He did not have a doctor’s license and he did not even possess any medical skills.

Believing that he has met Hitler and his soulmate, Eva Braun,  Sosro was more interested in reading books and articles on Hitler. He says the more he saw pictures of old Hitler, the more he believed that Poch was Hitler.

He was even assured when in 1980, his nephew gave him a book about Hitler’s biography by Heinz Linge that was translated into Bahasa Indonesia by Try Budi Satria.

The page 59 of the book tells about Hitler’s physical condition in his old age. “Some Germans knew that Hitler dragged his feet while walking. His vision was blurred and his hair was no longer growing. When the war was heating up and Germany was kept defeated, Hitler was suffering from a nerve disorder”.

The book also says that Hitler’s left hand has been always shaking since the Stalingrad battle (1942-1943)—which was a major hit to the German troops.

Sosro still remembers a few of his conversations with Poch. The doctor was said to be always praising Hitler. He also said there was not any killing in Auschwitz, a concentration camp that was believed to be place of the slaughter against the Jewish.

“When I asked him about Hitler’s death, he said he didn’t know because at the time, Berlin was in chaos.  Everybody tried to save themselves,” Sosro said, as published by Militariana.

Sosro also says he once examined Poch’s shaky left hand. He later asked him when it started to happen and Poch turned to his wife who then answered, “It happened when Germany lost the battle near Moscow. That time Goebbels said to you that you constantly punched the table”.

Poch’s wife allegedly referred to Joseph Goebbels, a German propaganda minister who was known to be loyal to Hitler. Sosro says that Poch’s wife, who was supposedly Eva Braun, called his husband ‘Dolf’, which was allegedly short for Adolf Hitler.

After reading those articles, Sosro contacted Sumbawa Besar from which he received the information that Poch died in Surabaya.

Poch died on January 15, 1970, at 7.30 pm at Karang Menjangan Hospital in Surabaya due to heart attack. He was 81 years old.  Poch was buried the next day in Ngagel.

After his wife returned to her hometown in Germany, Poch was later known to be married to a Sundanese woman from Bandung with the S initials who lived in Babakan Ciamis.

After refusing to give any information, S finally handed all of his husband’s documents to Sosro, including their wedding photo and Poch’s driver’s license with his fingerprint on it

There was also a book containing the list of Germans who are living in several countries such as Argentina, Italy, Pakistan, South Africa and Tibet and some steno handwritings in German language.

Poch’s notebook contains two codes, J.R. KepaD No 35637 and 35638, the symbols for males and females.

“The book was probably owned by Hitler and Eva Braun,” Sosro says.

A line, which is supposedly Hitler’s escape routes before he went to Sumbawa Besar was also in the book. The routes include B (Berlin), S (Salzburg), G (Graz), J (Jugoslavia), B (Belgrade), S (Sarajevo), and R (Rome).

S also said one day he found her husband cutting his mustache in Hitler’s style. When she asked, her husband said, “Don’t tell anybody”.

Sosro says he did not have any hidden agenda behind his story. “I just want to show that Hitler died in Indonesia,” he says.

Until today, there is not any confirmation on whether Hitler died in a bunker in Argentina, Brazil or Indonesia. The story on the death of the Fuhrer remains a mystery.


Translated by: Nataya Ermanti

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