Foreign Exchange Reserves Hit US$101.8 Bn

Late February still saw a total of US$99.6 billion.

Jum'at, 4 Maret 2011, 14:03 Umi Kalsum, Ajeng Mustika Triyanti
Bank Indonesia building
Bank Indonesia building (VivaNews/ Nur Farida)

VIVAnews - Indonesia's foreign exchange reserves have increased to more than US$2 billion within less than three days. Late February still saw a total of US$99.6 billion while by March 3, the amount has hit US$101.8 billion.

Bank Indonesia said in a press release that the reserves equal 6.2 months of imports and foreign loans repayment.

The surge in global economy is on the scene as inflations rates are rising following soaring prices of crude oil and food.

"It's not only the emerging market which solely deals with the rocketing inflation rates but also developed countries," said Bank Indonesia.

However, the improving world economy has impressed the domectic economy from which imports recorded solid results. Household consumption and investment are on the rise while they are not as impressive as they were in the previous quarter.

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