Five Corrupt Politicians Sent to Jail

The judges also fined each defendant Rp50 million in substitution of 3-month imprisonment

Jum'at, 17 Juni 2011, 22:10 Ismoko Widjaya, Fadila Fikriani Armadita
Baharuddin Aritonang (right)
Baharuddin Aritonang (right) (Antara/ Widodo S Jusuf)

VIVAnews – Five politicians of Golongan Karya Party (Golkar), Asep Ruchimat Sudjana, Teuku Muhammad Nurlif, Baharuddin Aritonang, Reza Kamarullah and Hengky Baramuli were found guilty by Jakarta Corruption Court’s panel of judges. They were sentenced to 16-month imprisonment.

“Found that the defendants have legally, convincingly and collectively committed corruption. Sentence the defendant number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to one year and four month imprisonment, “ said the chairperson of the panel of judges Eka Budi at State Corruption Court, South Jakarta, today.

The panel of judges viewed that the five defendants have violated article 11 of Corruption Law. In addition to the imprisonment, the judges also fined each defendant Rp50 million in substitution of three-month imprisonment.

The judge said that four defendants, Asep, Nurlif, Reza and Hengky acknowledged having received traveler’s checks from Bank Internasional Indonesia through Hamka Yamdhu, a Golkar politician. The checks were handed not long after the election of Bank Indonesia deputy senior governor.

The judge observed that the defendants should have realized that the traveler checks were related to the BI governor election. “But this was ignored by the defendants,” said the judges.

In the meantime, defendant Baharuddin denied having received and denied Hamka Yamdhu’s testimony regarding the traveler’s check endowment. The aggravating factor for his penalty, said the judge, was absentmindedness.

The defendants did not ask the reason of granting the traveler’s check. In addition, the defendants were also deemed as not in line with the government’s cause to fight corruption. The mitigating factor is that the defendants regretted their action and did not take any benefit from it.

Another factor is that the defendants are viewed as having long dedicated themselves to the country.

Translated by Indah Lestari

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