House: US to Donate F-16 to Indonesia

“The grant is channeled through EDA, to give away 30 aircrafts"

Kamis, 22 September 2011, 14:43 Eko Huda S, Suryanta Bakti Susila
(REUTERS/USAF/Staff Sgt. Greg L. Davis/Handout/Files)

VIVAnews – Defense Ministry and the House Commission I are discussing on the plan of 30 F-16 aircrafts grant from the U.S. The grant is part of the Excess Defence Article (EDA) program.

“The grant is channeled through EDA, to give away 30 aircrafts. Out of those, 28 aircrafts are F-16 block 25, while two are block 15,” said Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro in Jakarta, on Wednesday.

The grant has already been approved by the U.S. Congress. “The Congress has given approval to it. Now the matter is how to upgrade the aircrafts. We will repair and upgrade the frames, the avionic and the engine,” he said.

Currently, the Defense Ministry and the House of Representatives are still deliberating the budget for the repair of the granted aircrafts. “So, the government and the House must consent,” he said.

According to Purnomo, the funds for repairing the 30 aircrafts have not yet been attached in the 2011 State Budget. The Defense Ministry’s budget amounting to Rp2.48 trillion in the 2011 State Budget has not included the funds for the aircraft repair either.

Purnomo went on by saying that the House Commission I will depart to the U.S. in order to discuss the grant.

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