Police Mull Over Restructuring Issue

Police Department should be under a ministry.

Rabu, 28 Desember 2011, 13:16 Elin Yunita Kristanti, Syahrul Ansyari
(VIVAnews/Tri Saputro)

VIVAnews – The Indonesian Police Department is now under the spotlight in relation with police brutality in Mesuji and shootings in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara.

An issue arises about restructuring the Police Department from being directly under the President to a ministry, similar to TNI who is under the Ministry of Defense.

Ronny Liwaha, a member of the National Police Commission, responded to the idea by stating that it is not a matter of the authority to which the Police Department presents report. “The most important thing is how to ensure Police performance is neutral, independent and without intervention. Even being directly under the President, the Police can’t be independent,” he told VIVAnews, on Tuesday, Dec 27.

Ronny added that the minister who will supervise the Police Department is from a political party. “The President himself is from a political party. So, we need to make sure that the Police Department is freed from any political intervention. That is the most crucial thing.”

Then, is the current position is the best solution?

“It is the best of worst condition,” he said. “If the Police Department proves dependent, then we can blame its superior, the President.”

Regarding police brutality in Mesuji and Bima, Ronny said that in the beginning it seems like the Police took sides with the companies.

However, we also need to consider that the companies have the right to be protected, because the companies are taxpayers. “The issue is to ensure whether Police have taken the proportional approach in protecting the companies?” he said.

Ronny added that it is the duty of the police to protect individuals or companies from anarchic activities. “If a certain group or crowd attempted any act of anarchy, such as murder, then the Police must open fire.”

Ronny said that for Bima case, a further investigation must be conducted. “The investigation will provide the answers needed. I can’t give any comments on the issue and I need to study the case thoroughly.”

The idea of restructuring the Police Department had been proposed earlier by a politician from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, then Vice Deputy of Commission I of the House of Representatives, Major General (ret.) Tubagus Hasanuddin.

He viewed that Police reform only copies military methods. Therefore, Tubagus said that the Police Department should be under a ministry, just as the Ministry of Defense who supervises TNI.

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