Indonesia Garuda Reduces Flights to Europe

“The total loss to date is approximately US$36 million”

Rabu, 25 Januari 2012, 09:45 Antique
Garuda Indonesia
Garuda Indonesia (VIVAnews/Adri Irianto)


VIVAnews - PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk is planning to cuts some of its flights to Europe, especially to Amsterdam, Netherlands, as of March 1. However, according to Head of Garuda Indonesia’s Union Public Relations (Sekarga), Tomy Tampatty, the reduction was not a result of the European debt crisis. Since the opening of flights to Amsterdam, the company has lost around US$3 million per month. 

“The total loss to date is approximately US$36 million,” he told VIVAnews on Wednesday, Jan 25. 

Tomy said that the same case hits Garuda’s subsidiary company, Citilink. Ever since the opening, the flights had contributed to around Rp10-14 billion of losses every month. 

“We are asking Garuda’s management to inform the public about these facts because the company is a public company,” he said. 

The crisis in Europe has made airlines to change their business strategy.  Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia’s largest airline, has decided to reduce its flights to Europe (Amsterdam) as of March 1. 

“From seven flights down to four flights in a week,” said Garuda Indonesia’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Pujobroto, on Monday, Jan 23. 

Pujobroto said that the European crisis has helped decrease the traffic (air transportation) to and from Europe.


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