Tattoo Business in Bali to Be Regulated

"Protection against tools which may transmit diseases is important"

Jum'at, 27 Januari 2012, 15:26 Elin Yunita Kristanti, Bobby Andalan - Bali
Illustration (REUTERS/ William Gularte)


VIVAnews - A regency in Bali is planning to prepare a regulation in efforts to prevent HIV/AIDS transmission in the area through tattoing. 

Earlier, it was reported that an Australian tourist said he was infected HIV after having tattoo work done in Kuta. 

Deputy Regent of Badung, Ketut Sudikerta, said the regulation on tattoo business in Kuta is a follow-up over reports about two aussies who were infected HIV in November 2011 after having their bodies tattooed. 

Chief of Legislative Agency of Badung, Wayan Puspa Negara, said the hundreds of tattoo studios are scattered throughout Kuta. "Protection against tools which may transmit diseases is important," he said. 


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