State Budget Deficit May Go Higher

"The increase would be around 2.2 plus-minus 0.2 percent."

Kamis, 1 Maret 2012, 10:16 Hadi Suprapto, Harwanto Bimo Pratomo
Agus Martowardojo
Agus Martowardojo (VIVAnews/Adri Irianto)


VIVAnews - Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo said the State Budget deficit may hit 2.4 percent, higher than the early figure of 1.5 percent following the global economic downturn. 

"The increase would be around 2.2 plus-minus 0.2 percent," he said last night, Feb 29. 

The government sets several plans to cover the rising deficit including improve in the State Budget and budget cut. 

The government will also tighten the deficit by making use of budget surplus.  

Agus said the government is preparing revision in the State Budget including an arrangement of stimulus particularly on the infrastructure sector. 


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