Police Identify Shooter of Indonesia Trigana

Police and the Indonesian Military are still pursuing the perpetrators.

Senin, 9 April 2012, 16:00 Aries Setiawan, Syahrul Ansyari
(Antara/ Susylo Asmalyah)

VIVAnews – The Indonesian Police Headquarters have identified the suspect of Trigana Air shooting in Mulia Puncak Jaya Airport, Papua, on Sunday. 

Head of Public Information Dept of the Indonesian Police Headquarters, Chief. Comm. Boy Rafli Amar, said the suspect is member of a group which had committed similar acts of terror some time ago. 

“Our primary allegation is that they’re also involved in the shootings of several of our members few months ago and also members of the people there at that time,” said Boy in Jakarta, on Monday. 

Police and the Indonesian Military are still pursuing the perpetrators. Boy said that the investigation into the case is still on the go. 

“We're really sorry of the incident,” he said. 

Boy acknowledged that the Police are hampered by the geographical factor around Mulia Puncak Jaya area.  Mountains, hills and valleys have caused difficulties in the investigation. 

He remained optimistic that the Police will be able to catch and disable the armed group.  

The incident took place on Sunday morning, around 8.30 AM. At that time, a Trigana airplane with the registration number PK-YRS from Nabire was planning for landing in Mulia Airport. 

Suddenly, the airplane was fired upon from unknown direction.  Some bullets went through the airplane. Bullet shrapnels cut through passengers’ bodies.  The airplane landed imperfectly and stopped after crashing into a building next to the airport. 

As a result, one person was killed in the incident.  Four others were wounded.  



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