Sky Aviation Not Cancelling Sukhoi Deal Yet

“Our airline is planning to purchase 12 Sukhoi jets.”

Jum'at, 11 Mei 2012, 17:11 Antique, Sukirno


VIVAnews - PT Sky Aviation announced that the company has yet to call off its plan to purchase Sukhoi Superjet-100. 

“Our airline is planning to purchase 12 Sukhoi jets,” Marketing Manager of Sky Aviation, Sutito Jainudin, told VIVAnews in Jakarta on Friday.

He said the plan to purchase the Russian jets has been set up years before with a good business plan. “The jets are going to be operated in Indonesia and the region,” said Sutito. 

“We haven’t made any plans to cancel the deal in the future as we are still in deep sorrow [following the accident]. Most victims are from our company,” he said. 

Sky Aviation airline currently has 10 aircrafts that serve domestic routes such as Bajoe Port, South Sulawesi.


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