Indonesia to See Triple Growth of Smartphones

“This will certainly boost demand for faster and more reliable network.”

Kamis, 7 Juni 2012, 11:52 Bayu Galih, Amal Nur Ngazis
Smartphone users (illustration)
Smartphone users (illustration) (hadicorcomm.wordpress.com)


VIVAnews – Indonesia currently witnesses the solid growth of cellular industry. Based on a study by Ericsson ConsumerLab, the number of smartphones available will triple, giving ways of telecommunication industry to growing more. 

“It is figured that the amount of smartphones in the country will triple within 12 months,” said Vishnu Singh, Regional Head of ConsumerLabr Ericsson of Southeast Asia and Oceania, in a statement, on June 6.

Vishnu said smartphone users today make use of the devices to connect to each other through social networking sites and SMSes. The cellular market will also see developments in smartphone applications. 

“This will certainly boost demand for faster and more reliable network,” said Vishnu. 

Vishnu also said that operators in Indonesia are likely ready to provide fast-growing mobile broadband. One way to implement the scheme is by presenting LTE network and ecosystem at 1800 Mhz spectrum. 

Ericsson also shares their experience in refarming the LTE spectrum in Australia. According to Warren Chaisatien, Strategic Marketing Manager of Ericsson Southeast Asia and Oceania, Australia has become the pioneer in the refarming of 1800 MHZ frequency for LTE. 

In less than a year since the launch of the first commercial LTE, the 1800 MHZ ecosystem has been polished up. 

“Flexible and neutral spectrum is very crucial for the development and success of mobile broadband,” said Warren.


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