Dems: This Is Not the End of Everything

Young voters under 30 years of age prefer Golkar Party.

Jum'at, 8 Juni 2012, 15:15 Ita Lismawati F. Malau, Nur Eka Sukmawati
(VIVAnews/Ikhwan Yanuar)


VIVAnews – Chairman of the Democratic Party Faction, Nurhayati Ali Assegaf, said the result of IndoBarometer survey that has placed the party in fourth place cannot be ignored. 

Issues and cases involving the Democratic Party, she said, have contributed to the decline of the party’s popularity.

“We are aware of the survey that has just mentioned Democrat’s fall. But it’s not the end of the world. We still have time,” she said today in the parliamentary complex. 

“I think the preparations for 2014 should not stop. We only have to work harder within the next two years to improve our work and discipline,” she said.

A number of the party’s members were snared in various corruption cases. A case tagged along the party’s former Treasurer, M Nazaruddin.

Not wanting to take the blame alone, Nazaruddin has thrown accusations of his associates’ involvement, including Angelina Sondakh. 

The IndoBarometer survey released yesterday shows that young voters under 30 years of age prefer Golkar Party. After Golkar, there are PDI Perjuangan (the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, Gerindra and Demokratic Party, respectively.


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