Indonesia Lion Air Set to Buy Five Boeing 787

Lion Air will get loans from Exim Bank, the United States.

Senin, 11 Juni 2012, 17:18 Hadi Suprapto, Iwan Kurniawan
(VIVAnews/Adri Irianto)


VIVAnews - Indonesian carrier Lion Air is set to purchase five Boeing 787 Dreamliner worth US$967.5 million. The airplanes are to add the line of Batik Air, which will start operation by 2013. 

"We're buying five Boeing 787 Dreamliner," said Lion Air General Director, Edward Sirait, on Monday. 

The airplanes will serve mid-route international routes such as Japan, South Korea, China, Sidney (Australia), and Middle East. 

Lion Air will get loans from Exim Bank, the United States. 

The airplanes will be equipped with Wi-Fi access and telephones so as to enable all passengers to make phone calls. 

Batik Air will be focusing on the growing middle class and passenger switch patterns from low-cost carrier (LCC) to full-service carrier which is predicted to rise by 15 percent this year. 


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